CPD points and training

CPD or CME are accredited training bodies. Training and conferences have a points allocation dependant on the hours involved. For example if a doctor attends a day long conference he will obtain 6 CPD points as a day long conference accrues 6 hours maximum and 1 hour equals 1 point. If the doctor does an online course these can be for a varied number of hours or minutes with the minimum being 15 minutes. Many recognised bodies offer online courses such as the BMJ and the Royal Colleges. CME is the American equivalent and these are acceptable as long as they are provided with an equal or greater number of UK CPD’s.

Internal Training such as Safeguarding Children and Adult, BLS and Mandatory Training can be submitted for CPD consideration but unless clearly stated on the certificate their value is at the appraisers discretion. We currently provide a package of up to 66 CPD points free of charge as part of our compliance process, however not all of this training is renewed annually. Some is valid for three years whilst others have no expiry date and are only required once. We would advise you to submit this gradually over your 5 year revalidation cycle to ensure your CPD portfolio is balanced. Training, MDT and Audit meetings in trust will also have an Internal training allocation and these should make up part of your CPD portfolio.