Can I get my appraisal done in Trust or do I have to use Maar Gateway?

All locum doctors can to a certain extent choose who performs their appraisal. They can ask at the trust they are working in if they can have it there. The Trust does not have to oblige as they are not responsible for providing appraisals to locum doctors. The appraiser has to be a fully trained appraiser and it must be done on a MAG form or equivalent. Many trusts use internal appraisal software and this is based on the MAG from design. As long as the full appraisal is exportable this is acceptable also. Although you can be appraised in trust you are still our responsibility and it will be us that provides your revalidation signoff. All appraisals and supporting information is still required by Maar Gateway for your revalidation file.

Do I have to have an Appraisal every year?

Yes the GMC requirement is 1 appraisal per annum. The length of time between appraisals is 9 months up 15 months. Up to date appraisals are required prior to revalidation. Failure to undertake and appraisal can lead to you being referred to the GMC for non engagement. The GMC require written explanation if you fail to maintain your appraisals annually and we are obliged to report this quarterly.

Many doctors will ask if it is possible for them to be Revalidated. Their are several situations that can cause the doctors to ask this question

They work outside the UK for the majority of the year.

The minimum work in the UK to achieve revalidation is no less than a 6 to 8 weeks. It is quite difficult but not impossible, ideally they will have worked for more than this, the GMC recommend at least 3 months minimum. The major problem will be obtaining Multi Source feedback with this limited exposure to the NHS work environment. They may have to treat their feedback as a long process spread over several years as it is only required once per cycle this is the best work around for them.

The alternative would be to relinquish their Licence to Practice each time they return home to work. This will freeze their Revalidation clock and provide an audit trail to explain the lack of appraisals to the GMC. If the doctor works for a significant amount of time per year i.e. 6 months they should be encouraged to engage in the revalidation process.

They are returning to work after Illness or Maternity

If a doctor has not worked in the last twelve months but is now returning to work they should have relinquished their licence for the period of absence. We would be unable to add them to our Prescribed connection list until they commence work for our agency. We could then start to arrange an appraisal for them and they can commence engagement in the Revalidation process. They will have to discuss their absence in detail with their appraiser.

What is Multi Source Feedback?

An important part of the revalidation process is Feedback – This is patient and colleague feedback and must be collected from your work in the UK. There are many methods to collect this, we offer a solution provided by Edgecumbe however you can choose any solution that suits your working style. Many ad hoc shift workers find it easier to use the GMC forms. Many doctors who are members of the Royal colleges prefer to use this system. Each solution varies as to the number of responses required. The GMC guideline are 15 Colleague and 35 Patient. Dependant on the doctors speciality sometimes patient feedback will not be possible. Anaesthetists and Psychiatrists will find it difficult but not impossible and should be encouraged to try to collect some if not all the required amount. For specialities that preclude collection such as Microbiology, Research or Histopathology for example lateral thinking is suggested. Instead of patients, suppliers or other types of working connections are suggested if possible. Another option is to double the number of colleague feedback to compensate for the lack of patient feedback. Reflection on their feedback is vitally important and workbooks can be provided to make this easier to achieve.

Can you help me with the Edgecombe 360 system?

We do have admin rights into the Edgecumbe system and can assist to a limited extent the doctors with Edgecumbe accounts. We can advise how many responses they have received and even send out reminders on their behalf. The minimum required responses for colleagues allowed in their software is 12 colleagues, however we would advise the doctors to get 15 responses before releasing the reports. The minimum responses for the patient report is 17 but again this should only be for specialities who struggle to collect feedback. Generally we would advise they get as many as possible with 20 being the minimum. The colleague feedback is split between peers and supporting staff. Of the 15 colleagues at least 6 should be peers, this is the same grade or higher than the doctor. The balance can be supporting staff such as nurses, secretaries phlebotomists and even the sales staff they interact with here. We can move their colleagues from support to peer and vice versa and also remove and add when required.

I don’t get the opportunity to do Audit’s what do I do?.

Maar Gateway have provided a QI – Case review or discussion form. You can complete 4 of these and they can be submitted in place of the audit requirement. The form is just a structured way to document the doctors observations and outcomes. Case’s can be discussed or reviewed with colleagues of any speciality.

All of my evidence is on paper, how do I submit this to Maar Gateway

We are more than happy to receive paperwork vie post etc. We can then scan and send to Maar Gateway or upload directly into your account.