Cannulation Course


Communication Skills – The Fundamentals

Cannulation course

Course Objectives

By the end of the course candidates will:

• Have an understanding of the main indication for the insertion of a peripheral venous cannula
• To be aware of the different Intravenous Access Devices
• Understand the need for preparing the patient and the environment for cannulation
• Select the correct site for cannulation
• Explain the need for good infection control procedure during and after cannulation
• Practically perform, under observation Peripheral Venous Cannulation on a practice arm
• Demonstrate good care of the site following cannulation
• Safely dispose of sharps following the procedure


Course Content

• Indications
• Types of Intravenous Access Device
• Peripheral Cannula
• Venous Access Device
• Administration of IV Medication
• Infection Control
• Aseptic Non Touch Technique
• Possible Complications of IV Therapy
• Preparation of the Environment
• Preparation of the Patient
• Structure of Veins
• Selecting a Site for Cannulation
• Palpation
• Preferred veins for cannulation
• Contra-Indications
• Application of Tourniquet
• Peripheral Venous Cannulation – Equipment and Insertion
• Care of a Peripheral Venous Cannula
• Sharps Injuries


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