Permanent jobs

At Interact Medical we understand that there is an increasing demand for substantive positions within the NHS Trust. We are awarded to a small number of suppliers under the HealthTrust Europe International and Permanent Framework to supply doctors, nurses and AHP’s for permanent positions and can also supply substantive staff under the Crown Commercial Service and London Procurement Partnership Frameworks.


But we don’t just supply you with the candidate, we do so much more:


  • We can design and tailor recruitment campaigns around the client’s specific requirements, in order to maximise candidate attraction for the roles available.
  • We can advise in relation to visa sponsorship.
  • We can assist in arranging or organising face to face or Skype interviews.
  • We interview the candidates prior to them being submitted to the client to ensure that they are appropriately matched to the vacancy the client is looking to fill.
  • We continue to support the candidate throughout the process, and not just to the point of placement. In our experience, candidate are much more likely to remain in post if they feel valued and secure. A large part of this is that they and their family feel settled in their community. Interact Medical go a long way to ensuring that all members of the family have access to local amenities, banks, schools and anything else they might need, particularly if they are travelling from abroad.


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