I have been with Interact Medical for over 10-15 years now and in that time, I have been impressed by how efficiently they work and how helpful they have been. I rely on them all the time.

Dr Lazar Lazar, Anaesthetics Consultant

I would recommend Interact Medical because they keep in touch with you, they are easy to access, with good competitive rates and make regular payments. Whenever a new job comes in, they still keep you informed in case you change your mind.

Dr Syed Hussain, Surgery Consultant

I have worked with other agencies for a short time, but I support and strongly recommend Interact Medical because the staff I have been dealing with are very supportive. During the 7-8 years, I have worked with them they have solved any issues. I never have any problems working with Interact Medical.

Dr Ghulam Qasim, Consultant A&E

I have found the administration extremely cooperative and helpful in seeking and confirming appropriate appointments. I, therefore, have no hesitation in strongly recommending any colleague to join Interact Medical.

Dr Petrisor Varasteanu, Consultant A&E

In the last 8 years, Aaron, at Interact Medical has encouraged me not only to enhance my skills as a Nurse but also as an academic. With his support, I continued with my education and attained my Master’s Degree, then with his encouragement, I am now doing my Doctorate. Aaron has been more than my consultant – he has been a part-time mentor and I consider him family.

Blessing Chinganga, (RGN), BSc. (Hons), MSc. Health and Wellbeing

Top consultant! A problem solver. Great communication and never let me down. Not only my advisor but also my best friend!

Thank you, Derek Nunn, and Interact Medical.

Stefan Iulian, Nurse

I have worked for Interact Medical since august last year. Since then I have not missed any day of work. I am proud of my consultant Claude who is very supportive. He will reply to messages on time, make sure shifts are booked well in advance and if there are any cancellations he will notify well in advance. He has supported us throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and calls regularly to find out how we are.

Thanks to Interact Medical and special thanks to my consultant Claude.

Stephen Maguithi, (RGN) BSC (Hons)

Interact Medical has become a perfect solution for all of my needs, even in most difficult moments. The agency is dependable, reliable and efficient, reaching out to customers and clients alike within the company.

Cyril Okafor, B.A. (Hons)