Essential candidate screening

At Interact Medical, we work with our clients to ensure that the most suitable candidates are offered. This means that our clients, where security is paramount and regulatory requirements mandatory, can ensure that they comply with current regulatory standards

We are dedicated to verifying and substantiating the histories of prospective employees. We do not send any potential applicants that have not been through the candidate screening process. All our candidates are fully screened prior to presentation and engagement. 

Upholding candidate commitment

We ensure that all parties receive a consultative service that not only offers individuals who are fully aware of how their experience relates to the role, but also provides high-calibre candidates for the organisations we work with. While engaging with any potential candidate we will also uphold our commitment to our candidates on all occasions.

Robust screening process

  1. Candidate/role requirement interview
  2. Confirmation interview/acknowledgement
  3. Present fully qualified candidates to your chosen contact
  4. Compliance Checks

All compliance documentation will be requested on registration. Our systems are secure to hold all information under strict data protection rules and backed up daily.

Candidate compliance checks

  • Eligibility to work and security documentation
  • Referee contact details/approved references
  • Qualification/professional accreditation certificate copies
  • Proof of the candidates’ current address

When you choose Interact Medical as your recruitment service provider, your dedicated consultant will agree on a candidate compliance checklist with you. If necessary, additional compliance checks can be added to our own checklist.